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Morocco Cycle Challenge 2023 Update: Bougumez to Boutaghrar


So far so good, what a fantastic trip, I’ve even lost weight, I don’t know if it was the 4 Imodium or the constant tagine cuisine anyway…

An early start today, 6:30 am for breakfast. The usual fantastic cuisine, very varied our chefs are without equal. A 7:15 start to get to the jeeps, although no one told the drivers.

The warm up with Bill Colson was fantastic, and the most needed as it was freezing and the fantastic views amazing. This is a tale of many heroes where the groups split into 2 and the mighty downhill. Paul Johnson took off at a mighty pace, leading the pack for at least 10 minutes!

The remaining legends in group one set about a monumental task of 72 km of the most challenging terrain on Earth, whilst the second group (team clever) were transported in the support 4x4s to drop off point 2 a top another mighty mountain.

Whilst team 1 were tackling the first ascent, team 2 were ascending the same mountain, we in team 2 were confident we would not be caught!

After taking on the majestic peaks and descents down through the switchbacks and roadworks, we finally arrived at lunch, set out picnic style at the picturesque bend of a river, then it happened! Guy arrived riding his bicycle like it was a mighty stallion, out of an ancient Moroccan Fable, with a thin sheen of sweat on him and his hair flying in the wind! YES he had caught group 2!

The rest of group 1 arrived a little later and luncheon was served, again fare fit for Royalty. After lunch the sun came out and we departed for an off road extravaganza which had its own challenges.

Helen carried Ted all day, with little event; however there may have been a brief spell in the water! We made it through the off-road route reasonably unscaved, with Matt McKenning having a technical issue with his bike; however legend has it he had it fixed before the techs could even get there!

Onto the last leg, all downhill to the hotel! Colin! It seemed more like another ascent, but hey! what do I know! A brief stop for some photos and then onto our hotel. A fantastic day for all everyone one a star, a fantastic accomplishment!

And now an evening of 1920s festivities and brilliant costumes.

Ian Galston

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Morocco Cycle Challenge 2023 Update: Abachkou to Ikhef Nighir