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Morocco Cycle Challenge 2023 Update: Abachkou to Ikhef Nighir


After breakfast the two groups were reunited at the 5 star (cowshed) accommodation, some with private facilities.

As we were separated for the night Ted had not been handed over. Ian Galston, having looked after him so well that he was locked in a shed with the bikes overnight, said he felt a responsible caring and reliable person should have him and gave him to Frank Meere even though he was 10th in the queue.

So the first part of the ride was the climbing 380 metres, comparable to yesterday's climb but so much easier in the morning, than the heat of the middle of the day.

We got to the top with only Ian G getting a puncture and regrouped for the downhill and then a bit of off road through the Berber villages.

It was now that the fun started...

First, Ian G decided to see what it would be like to slide into some bramble.

Then Guy Bolam decided to fall sideways into the mud (apparently it was Ramon Puig’s fault?).

Then Rob Edney hit what he described as a boulder and decided to go over the bars.

And even our very own Colin Lovell decided to take a tumble.

But all were ok and continued to the end along with Neil and Shelley Hurrell who were back to form.

A late lunch today was the usual tasty affair in Ikhef Nighir and the previous days awards delayed from last night were made.

And the hero of the day winning the yellow buff for day one was Rob for always being there for Helen Foster.

After lunch we the marabout shrine of Sidi Moussa - a hard walk up to the top and well worth it for the views and great history lesson from the guides about the prehistoric history of the valley we are in.

By Brian Downton

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Morocco Cycle Challenge 2023 Update: Demante to Abachkou