The Openwork Partnership extends learning and wellbeing for its adviser network


Lady yoga pose and dog

We have extended our successful remote training and wellbeing support for colleagues to our adviser network as part of our ongoing commitment to support our partnership.

Advisers and their teams can now access a wide range of training and learning material through an online portal called the OpenLearningZone, which was launched to colleagues last summer. The portal offers more than 5,000 learning assets covering a wide range of topics ranging from IT skills, wellbeing, personal development, and leadership skills including content from Henley Business School.

We are also offering remote yoga and pilates classes to colleagues and adviser firms to support their physical and mental wellbeing. This builds on our recent rebrand, which highlighted the importance of treating everyone with empathy and as individuals.

The programmes on offer will allow everyone in The Openwork Partnership to tailor development to their own needs and the wellbeing classes will help to support people through though life’s challenges.

Carrie Morris, Chief People Officer at The Openwork Partnership, said: “It’s been a tricky year for everyone, so we feel it is important for us to provide remote support through training opportunities and online wellbeing events, for our adviser firms and for colleagues in our central office.

“Naturally, this we also have the knock-on effect of enabling people to be the best versions of themselves, which will mean we are well placed to give the best possible advice to our clients.”  

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