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Omnis Investments Launches ‘Omnis Agility’ Funds


Omnis Investments, part of The Openwork Partnership, today launches a new managed portfolio service (MPS), Omnis Agility.

The Omnis Agility fund range launches with four portfolios matched to different return targets and risk profiles. The strategic asset allocation of the portfolios has been set in line with Openwork’s existing risk management frameworks.

In line with Omnis Investments’ active management approach, the majority of each of the portfolios will be allocated to actively managed funds, of which Omnis also acts as the ACD with additional oversight of the underlying investment managers. In an innovative approach to discretionary fund management, around 30% of the assets in each portfolio will be allocated to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), providing greater flexibility and access to a wider set of opportunities, allowing the team to implement specific investment views through tactical asset allocation. By combining actively managed Omnis funds with ETFs, Omnis Agility aims to deliver efficient, cost-effective and risk-conscious long-term investment returns.

Omnis Agility invests in funds that primarily focus on investing in equities and bonds, aiming to outperform the broader markets they invest in. Investments via ETFs increase access to a wider set of opportunities, allowing the team to implement specific investment views into portfolios.

Andrew Summers, Chief Investment Officer, Omnis Investments, said: “We have designed Omnis Agility by considering how to successfully invest in today’s ever-changing markets, which requires flexible thinking and the ability to combine long-term strategies with active portfolio management. We strongly believe in the ability of active investing to generate superior returns over the medium and longer term. By adding an additional layer of active management to the funds, by tactically using ETFs to implement specific investment views with precision, we aim to further enhance long-term performance in an efficient and cost-effective way.”

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