A new approach to helping colleagues who experience the loss of a baby or menopause symptoms


The Openwork Partnership,today signalled further support for any colleagues who need help after miscarriage or who are facing menopause symptoms.

We are adapting their offices to provide a safe and comfortable space for colleagues dealing with these issues and putting further resource and training into helping employees better understand how to help colleagues at what can be very difficult times. By providing this space and support and education, we hope colleagues will feel able to talk about what they are going through and discuss any needs they may have, confidentially.

In addition, we will be making further special adjustments available, if needed, for any colleagues who find themselves in this situation.

We understand every situation will be different, so the policy is adaptable to ensure everyone gets the right support for them. It provides further options around its current flexible working approach, which is already available to all employees.

Carrie Morris, Chief People Officer at The Openwork Partnership, said: “We want all of our people to feel comfortable and supported in any situation they may be going through. The loss of a baby and facing the menopause are both extremely personal experiences and come with different symptoms, coping mechanisms and hopefully a range of possible solutions. We feel it is important that anyone going through either is heard and able to get the tailored support."

Our commitment to supporting staff was recently recognised by the Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association (PIMFA) at its Diversity & Inclusion Awards where it received the Best Approach to Wellbeing Award.

Other initiatives introduced have included Mental Health First Aiders who provide support to colleagues through difficult times, providing access to the Calm app and the launch of fully flexible Hybrid Working Policy to help colleagues manage their work life balance.

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