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Corporate social responsibility

We aim to do the right thing – for our clients, for each other and for our community.

We aim to do the right thing – for our clients, for each other and for our community.

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Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to safeguarding and improving the lives of our colleagues, our advisers, our clients and our wider community. This commitment is deeply embedded in our values - the basis on how we conduct ourselves, our business and our role within the community.

We use the term, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, or ‘CSR’ for short, to demonstrate every aspect of our responsible approach to business conduct and our interactions.

Within The Openwork Partnership, we have a working group, dedicated to furthering our CSR efforts. We have set ourselves ambitious CSR targets and we maintain and implement effective CSR initiatives in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

We broadly categorise our CSR efforts into 4 key areas of focus

We call these our CSR ‘pillars’: 

  • Our governance
  • Our colleagues
  • Our community
  • Our environment.

Please follow the links below to find out a little more about some of the CSR work already underway within each of our CSR pillars.


In all aspects of our business, we ensure that we know the legal requirements and comply with them. We have an unwavering commitment to fair and responsible business conduct.

More about our governance


Our colleagues are at the heart of what we do and we are proud of the prestigious accolades we have received as an employer. We are committed to supporting our colleagues and to foster an open, collaborative, diverse and engaging environment.

More about our colleagues


We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, supporting and strengthening our local and wider community.

More about our community


We are committed to being environmentally responsible and believe that we can improve the lives of our colleagues, advisers, clients and the wider community, by having a positive impact on the environment.

More about our environment

Omnis Investments

Consideration of environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) measures are a key factor in the way that our investment arm, Omnis Investments, appoints our fund managers and invests client assets. If you are interested in learning more about the ESG aspects of Omnis Investments please visit the website.